Everyone has heard all the jokes about lawyers, but the truth is, it’s no laughing matter when you really need one. 

There are important conflicts that need resolving with the help of a lawyer, and in some cases, legal assistance doesn’t have to be paid for out of your pocket. Consider the counsel and support you’ll receive from a lawyer for some of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in your life. 

Here are some reasons to consider hiring a respected and experienced lawyer when facing major life events.

Injury or death

The pain experienced from a life-changing injury or death is one of those major events that require the help of a good lawyer. For example, a relative who has died from mesothelioma after they were exposed to asbestos without their knowledge is a typical case that experienced lawyers have learned to resolve for families. To learn more, check with advocacy groups, unions that represent affected workers and read more to research the disease.

Personal injury as a result of accidents also is an important time to seek the help of a lawyer. You will need their help to fight against the army of litigators that insurance companies use to fight such claims. Often in these cases, a lawyer will agree to work on a contingency basis, meaning they get paid only when you get paid.

Family affairs

The painful process of a divorce or the harrowing investigations sparked by child protective services are the types of personal matters that demand professional consultation with a lawyer. These matters are often too personal and too emotional to handle alone. A lawyer can provide calm and expert counsel to help you and your family navigate through the difficult decisions that involve these matters. This is particularly true in child protective services cases, where the venue and the rules are very different from the traditional courtroom proceedings. They require the knowledge of lawyers who have experience in this field.

Business disputes

While it may be business, that doesn’t mean it’s not personal. Often arguments involving business partners or clients require the advice of a good lawyer who can protect your interests. At the very least, a lawyer can help juggle the many tasks you may be facing while also trying to run a business. A lawyer for these matters also is a good idea because there can be emotional factors affecting your judgment. For example, a business partner dispute often involves someone who had been close with you at one point, which can make the dispute more personal than it needs to be. A competent lawyer can help guide and direct your decisions through these difficult conflicts.