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The primary goal of food packaging is to protect the product inside, but it ultimately sells your brand. In simple words, your food packaging should sell itself by communicating relevant information about your product clearly and concisely. As a brand, you are well aware that your packaging is your brand ambassador, and you must ensure it is doing a good job.

Packaging redesign allows you to boost your brand reputation, keep up with packaging regulations and add relevant information to your packaging. That is why you should handle a food packaging redesign project with all the planning and forethought it takes. Here is a guide on redesigning food packaging to fit your brand.

Redesign for practicality

Every food product packaging represents the food it contains. In other words, it highlights the items in the packaging, so redesigning food packaging for practicality is very important. Include a feature that makes it easier for workers and consumers in a busy restaurant to understand its contents, helping them place orders better. Redesigning your food packaging for practicality also streamlines your operations in distributing the product.

Maintain the consistency of your brand

When redesigning food packaging, think about your overall brand, including the color scheme, logo design, style, etc. Keep in mind that consistent brand design is imperative for your brand’s visibility. Engaging a reliable contract manufacturer can ensure you have consistent branding across all product packaging to avoid confusing your consumers. This is because consumers learn to look out for the key color scheme, logo, and style as they trust your brand.

Emphasize health and nutrition

When redesigning food packaging, you want to also broaden your audience or appeal to a particular group of consumers. For instance, initially, people used to view the Macdonald’s food chain as unhealthy and at some point may boycotted it. But they rebranded and redesigned their food packaging around nutrition and health, allowing them to appeal to many health-conscious consumers. Including beautiful imagery of fresh food and its nutritional benefits should be at the top of your mind when redesigning food packaging. It shows that your brand is concerned about the health of its consumers.

Redesign while retaining the familiarity

Redesigning food packaging can transform how people perceive the product. If consumers perceive the food product positively, you want to redesign while retaining their familiarity with the brand. For instance, if your food product invokes a nostalgic childhood feeling, you want to keep that even as you redesign the packaging.

Improve the relevancy of your brand

Redesigning your food packaging can increase the relevancy of your brand. However, you must ensure you include critical information that speaks more about your brand. Today, many brands are embracing minimalistic packaging designs that allow the key information to stand out. Portray quality in your new packaging so that it stands out among competitors while on the shelf.

The takeaway

Keep the needs of your consumers in mind when redesigning food packaging. An effective package is functional, actively engages consumers, communicates your brand’s key messages, and can close a sale. Choose a trendy packaging design to appeal to the modern consumer.