Your website is the most important tool for capturing emails and creating a list of followers that you can grow over time and, most importantly, belong to you.

As you and your business evolve, your website must also evolve. That is a secret of great entrepreneurs.

A good entrepreneur knows that he must constantly update and redesign his website. Well, that is the first contact that many of your potential customers will have with your brand. Let’s explore the secret yet alarming signs and see how web design agency columbus ohio can change the game.

These Are The 8 Signs That Show It Is Time for A Website Redesign:

  1. Your Website Does Not Reflect Your Brand:

Visitors’ first impressions can often make the difference between winning over a customer or having them leave your site quickly. Your brand, products, and messages will change over time, but has your website evolved along with them?

Make sure you are remembered for having a well-designed page that aligns with your message and your brand. A website that talks about your customers’ needs as they are today, not as they were a few years ago.

  1. Your Website Looks Like 2010:

Let’s face it. If you haven’t updated your site design in the last decade, we can tell you that it is way overdue without seeing it. You should take help from the leading web design agency Columbus Ohio.

Those old graphics and texts can tarnish your reputation. Considering how quickly trends change or electronic devices are updated, web pages should follow a similar pace.

  1. You Have Not Updated Content and Images for More Than 1 Year:

Having your own site also means that you can produce exclusive content for your brand, designed for your audience. If you realize that you have not uploaded content and images for more than 1 year, it is time to opt for a new site.

On this new page, make sure to continually upload valuable content that your customers can only find there. Make your site a place where visitors can feel identified and solve their doubts, thanks to you.

  1. Your Website Is Not Responsive Enough to Mobile Devices:

Mobile website traffic accounts for more than half of web visits worldwide. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you are losing all those potential visitors.

Mobile web pages load faster. Search engines also measure your search results from a mobile point of view, not from a desktop. If your site is not mobile-friendly, this is a very strong reason to create a new website as soon as possible. To make a responsive design, do not hesitate to contact the leading website design company Columbus.

  1. You Feel Sad Showing Your Website to Potential Clients:

An easy way to evaluate if your page’s web design is attractive and functional is to consult the sites of your competition. Be honest, how does your site looks compare to the main competitors in your industry?

If you feel sad showing your page because the competition looks better, it’s time for a change. Your website must be well designed and respond to your potential customers’ needs so that it is competitive, so you will show it proudly.

  1. Your Website Is Difficult to Navigate and Slow:

One of the biggest problems with older sites is how slow the pages load. People are used to having what they want when they want it. That means they won’t be waiting long seconds for those cool graphics to load.

That’s not all. One thing to keep in mind is that Google prioritizes loading speeds when determining a web page’s search ranking. This means that it will not prioritize your site in searches if it is slow, no matter how well designed it is.

  1. You Are Not Using Email Marketing:

The fact that you have a web page does not mean that it is intended for user input. If your website is primarily informational but doesn’t help inform your audience to build trust and guide them toward a purchase decision, it won’t help you achieve your business growth goals.

Your page must have content that attracts and delights your visitors, with multiple conversion opportunities such as Email Marketing. This will help you build customer loyalty and build an audience for your brand.

  1. You Depend on Third Parties to Make Changes to Your Website:

Having a site allows you to have full control over the brand. This is because, being yours, you will have all the property over it, and you can create it in a way that truly represents you.

However, if you depend on others to make changes or create content, you are losing control of your own page. Therefore, you must make sure to use a simple and intuitive platform, which you can easily handle and change at will, even if you are not a design expert.

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