What To Do When Moving to Another State: 7 Tips - Storage Solutions Blog

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to move where you want to move, and many of us are stuck living in the same city we grew up in. Luckily, if you’re stuck there, there are some reasons why it may be better than moving out of state, as long as you don’t have to leave your friends and family behind. Here are five reasons why moving in-state may be better than moving out-of-state.

  • Lower Cost of Moving

Relocating to a new state can cost money due to long distances, hiring several moving trucks,  and several moving containers. For many people, it’s much more affordable to live in one state and work in another. If you live in one place and work in another, you could save thousands by not having to relocate your entire life.

Relocating in-state usually covers shorter distances, which means fewer expenses for gas and hiring a moving company. Plus, it will take you less time to relocate hence cheaper transport and labor costs. The cost difference can be huge, and you shouldn’t overlook it when deciding whether or not to move out of state.

  • Easy to Find More Affordable Housing Options

When you move to a more familiar place within the state can be easier to locate more affordable housing than if you were moving out of state. Many people are surprised at how cheaper it is to live in their home state. Even if it’s not significantly more affordable, there are many other cost benefits that you can enjoy when living in your home state, which may be better for your overall well-being. 

  • Keep Friends and Family Close By

Friends and family can help ease you into your new community, offer support during hard times, and stay grounded. If you plan to move out of state for a new job, it’s important to consider moving in-state instead. Stay close to home by finding a job in your current state of residence.

Having close friends in your current city is a substantial social investment that you should never take for granted. If possible, try to find employment in your hometown or somewhere within driving distance. It will make staying connected with old friends and family much more effortless. You won’t have to maintain long-distance relationships with people you see every day anyway!

It will help you live an active lifestyle if you can stay physically active with friends and family nearby. Keeping up with these relationships will also give you a sense of belonging. Your life might not be where it was before, but your social circle won’t change too drastically if you relocate in-state rather than out-of-state. 

  • Enjoy a Low-Stress Move

Moving out of state for long distances can take even weeks to accomplish your mission which can be stressful for your family. On the other hand, moving in-state is easier since you don’t have to cross state lines and find a new home in another city. The best part about moving in-state is that you will not have to move far from where you currently live, so there won’t be any travel time or extra stress.

Also, you don’t have to organize a temporary living place for weeks until you settle in your new home. All you need to do is pack up all your belongings and get a mover to your new house right away! Also, it’s easier on your wallet due to shorter distances and less time input in moving in-state. 

  • Enjoy Maintaining Your Lifestyle

Most of your day-to-day activities will change when you move out of state. It might be challenging to adapt to a new environment and way of life, and it may take some time for you to get used to living in a different place. If you’re considering moving out of state, ask yourself if it’s worth giving up all that is familiar and comfortable—and if there are other reasons why moving in-state may be better than moving out of state for you.

If your current lifestyle is worth maintaining, then consider staying put. If not, then consider relocating somewhere closer to home. If you have children and attend public school in your current town, they will also benefit from not having to switch schools. The overall peace of mind that comes with staying put and staying local can be priceless and help make up for any financial setbacks associated with staying put instead of moving away. You may want to continue exploring your options before making any final decisions.


So, there you have it. There are good reasons why moving in-state may be better than moving out of state. If you’re a college student looking to move out of your parents’ house or get out of an unhappy living situation, remember these reasons before deciding to make that big move across state lines. You may be surprised at how much more affordable your next rent check is and the peace of mind that comes with being familiar with where you’ll live for many years. However, always ensure you move professionally with an expert moving company whether you’re moving around the town or across the country.