Are 'cheat days' OK when you're on a diet? |

There are so many ways you could cheat, guilt-free for weight loss and achieve desired results. You could easily cheat on your weight loss diet and still derive some great results.

According to the opinion of users on, this weight loss cheat code is essentially beneficial to those who find it hard sticking to the strident routine of dieting yet still hope on achieving their desired result.

There are many ways to attain your weight loss goal without a consistent visit to food supplements’ stores for weight loss diets. A cheat meal can boost your body metabolism which improves your ability to lose weight and the conviction to stick to your weight loss diet plan. The truth is that many dieters who skip the regular weight loss routine prescribed for them and choose one that serves them and their goal can still burn fat. You can minimize the damage while eating the food you desire while maximizing your weight loss gain.

Here are some ways.

1.      Earning the Burn

Cheat meals can boost your body metabolism and this is achieved through the increase of leptin, an anti-starvation hormone that is solely responsible for sending hunger signals to the body. Your leptin level drops when your body senses the lack or insufficiency of calories in the system.  According to this medical journal on body metabolism, adding in a cheat meal rich in calories in the mix encourages your system to assume that food is plenty and that it’s okay to burn some fat.

2.      Avoid Cheat Meal When You are Famished: 

Some dieters develop this mindset of overworking their bodies on the treadmill for days which in turn severely restricts the presence of calories in the body. What this results in is that some of them now overcompensate for the excessive workout they had engaged in with large meals that contain surplus calories. Avoid getting food-deprived and saving your food contained calories as a prize. You would more likely be jeopardizing your weight loss routine.

3.      Always Cheat in Moderation: 

Cheat meals shouldn’t be something you engage in all day for the mere reason of the comfort it provides you. Going all out for food just because you had a successful workout during the week isn’t the cheat meal strategy you think it is. To avoid this, limit yourself to a cheat meal once per week for good results.

4.      Create a Calorie Buffer

In case you have already caused harm to your dieting goal, you can redeem that by storing some of your daily calorie intake. Mostly those from carbs and fats. This can be achieved by reducing the number of times you will be eating in a day.

5.      Set Time Restraint: 

The goal of a cheat meal is to eat what you want while maintaining weight loss but you can set a strict time restraint policy to that for better results.

Cheat meals are the feel-good meals you can have while still dieting. But not following some of these strategies will have your cheat meal affecting your weight loss goal.