Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Voonik-One Stop Destination For All Your Fashion Needs

Voonik: Why the solution to all your wardrobe woes lies with this startup

If you haven't heard of, then you're probably living under a rock. The reason being, this startup has created all the right buzz ever since it first took off as a fashion app back in 2013. Founded by two men completely devoid of any knowledge in women's fashion, this startup has now become a household name and every (almost) Indian woman's fashion go to.Voonik is one the best online fashion app

What makes Voonik popular

Founders Sujayath Ali and Navaneetha Krishnan were armed with nothing but their decade long experience in areas such as Product Development, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Mobile Commerce and e-Commerce, when they set out to solve a problem: How to find clothes that suits one's personal sense of style. The lack of their expertise in the field of fashion did not stop them from foraying into it. 

They were determined to bring the shopping methodology of the future to the present. By starting off with a tiny team of 2 developers and 2 stylists, Voonik began as an app. Common people could now shop from this platform for products that would suit their skin tone, body type, personality and lifestyle. Overwhelmed by the response, the team sat down to create a website as well. Women across the country could now sit at the comfort of their homes, browse through a range of stunning outfits (be it an elegant Saree, designer Ethnic Suit, exquisite Lehengas, trendy Dresses or crisp Formal Wear), available at the lowest prices in the online market and have their pick delivered to their doorstep. That's what makes Voonik popular. That's what makes for more than 6 million downloads; It's ability to present it's customers with products that are a perfect blend of good products, latest trends, affordable prices and quality service.

What makes Voonik stand out from it's competitors

With tons of new fashion startups emerging everyday in the country, Voonik has stood the test of time. By on-boarding tens of sellers each week, they are making sure the customers are served with something new, something exciting and trendy, every time they visit the site or use the app. This platform boasts of tens of thousands of products handpicked by it's team of expert stylists. The prices of the products are reasonable and is in perfect sync with the company's vision to make affordable fashion, a reality. The cherry on the top has to be the discounts offered. A woman can now finally not stare at her overflowing wardrobe and sigh a dismal, "I have nothing to wear!". Voonik believes the world to be the runway, where everyday is a chance to be fashionable for every woman, strut her stuff and catwalk all the way to success in the modern world. Their first TV commercial starring none other than Bollywood's very own bundle of talent, Farah Khan, centered around the same idea and gave the company it's memorable catchphrase: Har Din Fashion karo! 
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