Friday, 18 March 2016

Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk Free Download Working Version

Geometry Dash 2.0 apk Free Download

Every Smart Phone user like to download Games on his Android Device to pass his free time by playing Games. You can find many interesting Games in Google Play Store. Of which some are available for free and some apps are paid. The best Arcade Game for Android Mobile is Geometry Dash Apk. This App will let you feel like experiencing the Rhythm based Action directly. Actually Geometry Dash is not available for all the Android Mobile users. It is a paid App( for Rs. 132.75) and is free to download for iOS users. Many Geometry Dash apk lovers are feeling dis heartened as the app is not available for free on Android Devices. Geometry Dash App is Created in 3 months and launched in the year 2013  by Robert Topala. The App is updated now and now Android users can download the latest version of Geometry Dash App from Google Play Store.

Features of Geometry Dash Apk:

  • Rhythm Based Action Game
  • Unique music Levels from F-777
  • Customize your character by unlocking Unique Meltdown icons and Colors
  • Easy Touch to Fly and Flip
  • Practice mode helps you in learning the Game
  • Mearly 20 Levels are available
  • 37 MB size
  • Required Android 2.33 and up
  • Version 1.00

How to Download Geometry Dash Apk on Android Mobiles:

  • Open Google Play store or in your Android Mobile.
  • Search for Geometry Dash Apk Meltdown.
  • Click on Install Button, Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • The app will be downloaded on your Android Device Memory.
  • Click on the App and open Geometry Dash App.
  • Go through the game rules mentioned and enjoy playing Geometry Dash App.

Now you need to understand the game and how to play. If you are downloading for the first time you may fail to play. Switch to practice mode and learn how to play the Game. Nearly 20 levels are available in the app. though you can play any level at any instant, the difficulty in playing different levels will be increasing. Go to Settings and Click on How to Play button. Now you will be asked to tap on the screen to Jump and Hold on to Keep jumping. Hold on to fly Top and release to Fly Down. Tap on the required option depending on obstacles. Many sound Tracks like Stereo Madness, Back on Track,  Dry out and many more are available for free download. You can look out the Stats like Totals Jumps, Total Attempts, Collected Stars etc by clicking on Stats bar.

 Geometry Dash Apk in available in two free versions as "Geometry Dash Meltdown Apk" and "Geometry Dash Lite". Both the versions will be same to much extent but with small changes in features. Geometry Dash lite is provided with different levels which enables you to have much fun. A Players in cube form will be moving on its way and will be faced with obstacles stopping its motion by smashing. By using One Touch mode the player can escape from the obstacle by tapping on the screen by enjoying the music that is being played with the level. Clearing on the Obstacles will let you enter the next level by increasing the level of difficulty.



 You can feel more interesting by playing the game and the enthusiasm to play the next level will make you not to quit the Game. More Concentration is required to tackle the cube while facing the obstacles. It will be obtained by practicing and playing the game frequently. Robert Topala Published his Geometry Dash Game on RobTop Games. Now enjoy and have fun by playing this game. Geometry Dash App is Available on all Android Devices, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone and Mac. Play the game and create new adventures and unlock more features. Both Geometry Dash Meltdown apk and Geometry Dash Lite apk are available for the Android, iOS users on Google play store or App store to download for free.
 The best fun App to spend your free time to pass faster without knowing the time. The points mentioned will let you know the features and whole information regarding Geometry Dash App. Now download and install the App to have more fun. If you have any doubts regarding the app, feel free to contact through the comment. Stay tuned at this web page for more apps to fill your day with more fun.  


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