Thursday, 3 December 2015

List Of Top 10 Hollywood Thriller Movies

List Of Top 10 Thriller Movies Of Hollywood :

Whats better than a chill down the spine watching a thriller movie. If you don't get that chill then you are not watching the correct movie. Here we recommend a list of Hollywood Thriller movies that will definitely put a chill down you spine. Enjoy...!!!

1. Edge Of Darkness :


Director :- Martin Campbell

Star Cast :-

Mel Gibson

Bojana Novakovic

Ray Wintstone 

Danny Huston

2. Silence Of the Lambs :


Director :- Jonathan Demme

Star Cast :-

Jodie Foster

Anthony Hopkins

Ted Levine

Scott Glen

3. Strangers On a Train 


Director :- Alfred Hitchcock

Star Cast :-

Farley Granger

Robert Walker

Pat Hitchcock

Ruth Roman

4. Cape Fear 


Director :- Mortin Scorsese

Star Cast :-

Robert De Niro

Juliette Lewis

Nick Nolte

Robert Mitchum

5. North by Northwest


Director :- Alfred Hitchcock

Star Cast :-

Cary Grant

Eva Marie Saint

James Mason

Martin Ladau

6. Valkyrie


Director :- Bryan Singer

Star Cast :-

Tom Cruise

Carice Van Houten

Kenneth Branagh

Bill Nighy

7. Psycho :

Director :- Alfred Hitchcock

Star Cast :-

Anthony Perkins

Janet Leigh

Vera Miles

Pat Hitchcock

8. Enemy Of The State :

Lawyer Will Smith waxes into a bait for troubles when he swings against an assassination plot that could bring Washington to its Knees.

The entire movie Spins around the twists and thrilling actions of Tony Scott and about Slippery who is a Politician in Grease Bucket.


Director :- Tony Scott

Star Cast :-

Will Smith

Gene Hackman

Jon Voight

Lisa Bonet

9. Syriana :

It is a Multi-Stranded complex story, which focuses mainly on the widespread damage of Corporate Oils in the outer World, it is an fascinating, finest movie of the Hollywood that would never be seen again, it gave a blast in Hollywood in the year 2005.

George Clooney, has conquered Oscar Award for his wonderful performance in the Movie with Political explosiveness and for raising of cardinal questions.


Director :- Stephen Gaghan
Star Cast :-

George Clooney

Matt Damon

Robet Baer

Amanda Peet

10. The Insider :

Russell Crowe acts as the former Tobacco executive Jeffrey Wigand, who wishes to perform on the Hard-Hitting US News show 60 Minutes.

Goosed by TV Producer Lowell Bergman (Al Pacino), he shows the harmful effects of factory and cig., for his business development he still continues boost of addiction. 

Director :- Michael Mann

Star Cast :-

Russell Crowe

Al Pacino

Diane Venora

Gina Gershon


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