Thursday, 3 December 2015

Download Tango for PC free on your computer

Tango for PC is the PC version of the new instant messaging app Tango. This app is available for almost all mobile devices which work with the operating systems Android, Iphone and Windows Mobile. Tango PC offers you the opportunity of installing this great app on your PC or laptop.
Tango for PC is, as Whatsapp for PC and Line for PC, one of the most successful instant messaging apps. Nowadays there are over 100 million of users around the world who use Tango PC so as to communicate with friends and family.
Nevertheless, it is different from other applications, including Viber for PC. It allows you to send messages, and also make free calls and free video calls. In other words, Tango for PC is all in one app and completely free.

Download Tango for PC allows you to install this application on your pc on a synchronized way with your Smartphone, that is, that all your contacts you have on your Smartphone you can see on your PC.
With it, you will be able to chat and send multimedia files, but also it will allow you to make free calls and video calls between two Smartphones or two computers. And, of course, it works from Smartphone to computer or from PC to Smartphone.
Besides with this app you can enjoy and have fun with its Tango Surprises (fun animations for your calls and messages), Tango Games (it allows you to play with your friends during the call), Tango Cards (fun videos to share with your contacts) or Tango Avatars.

Tango is available for the main platforms

Nowadays, this great app is available for:
· Tango for Android
· Tango for Iphone
· Tango for Windows Mobile
· Tango for PC

Tango PC News

Catch up on the latest news about this instant messaging app:
May, 2013 - In few days, users of Tango for Android devices will enjoy several new enhancements and changes, such as: better optimization on video, audio and text performance, enhancement to Group Chat features and a new look to the messaging screens. This update coming soon for IOS devices.

Tango for PC is completely free

Tango for PC is totally free, it doesn't use your contracted minutes with your phone company when you make calls with Tango. Neither the sending messages with Tango for PC involves an extra charge on your phone bill.

Download and Install Tango for PC

On this site we explain how to download and how to install the pc version of this fantastic app on your computer in two different ways:
1) Tango PC (only free calls): The inventors of this app have developed the pc version for computers that run with Windows operating system. Nowadays there is not the version that runs with MAC OS, but we are sure that the developers are working hard on it, and soon everybody can enjoy it. Currently it only allows to make free calls. We recommend this version to people who are only interested in making free calls or to people who have already downloaded this app and have already installed it on their Smartphone.

2) Tango PC (full version): If you have not a Smartphone or your computer runs with MAC OS, you should not worry about it. You will be able to have fun as all the other users of this app with all the possibilities that it offers, that is, chats, sending of multimedia files, free calls and video calls for PC.


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