Friday, 2 October 2015

Download WhatsApp for PC free on your computer

"Download WhatsApp for PC on an easy and simple way now it is possible. Join millions of users who already have WhatsApp for PC on their computer"

Until now WhatsApp was only a matter of Smartphones, but now you can also download WhatsApp for PC without a latest generation phone thanks to the existence of Android emulators that you can install on your computer on an easy and simple way and totally free.

Despite the competition in instant messaging applications, WhatsApp PC remains currently the most downloaded app worldwide and therefore the most widespread. Nowadays there are over 300 million of users that have already downloaded this great app. Why download WhatsApp for PC is fashion is not know, it may be due to the fact that it contains no advertising in the application or may be because everyone uses this fantastic application to communicate, but either way, do not wait any longer to download WhatsApp for PC.

Download WhatsApp for PC free on your computer
Download WhatsApp for PC will not take long, just a few minutes, and soon you can enjoy the instant messaging app most acclaim worldwide and free of charge.

With WhatsApp for PC, you can chat with all your contacts, whether friends or family members who already have WhatsApp PC at any time. Sure all of them already have this application on their computers and they are waiting you do the same step. Send text messages, image and video files. Do not miss another minute and catch up on all the news your friends and family want to tell you.

How to download and install WhatsApp PC

As we mentioned above, WhatsApp is an app only available for Smartphone, and still no version of WhatsApp PC developed by the creators of WhatsApp.

But if you want to get WhatsApp on your computer, we can download WhatsApp for PC through an Android emulator without the need of having a Smartphone.

To download and install WhatsApp for PC you only need a computer and a mobile phone so as to receive the activation code to install this app on your personal computer.

There is no problem with the operating system of your personal computer, whether Windows or Mac, you can download WhatsApp for PC and join millions of people who already have WhatsApp PC regardless of operating system.

And remember, to download and install WhatsApp for PC is totally free. Just follow our tutorial step by step to have this application on your PC and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Tutorial to Install WhatsApp for PC

First of all, you must know in advance that the WhatsApp application installation in multi-devices is not possible. So if you have installed the application on your Smartphone, and you want to install it on your computer, it will automatically stop working WhatsApp on your phone. To avoid this, you will have to use another phone number (not Smartphone) so you can have the app on both devices. You can get free a new number on FonYou or you can buy a prepaid card. This obviously does not happen for who do not have a next generation phone.

Once notified, we start with the tutorial to install WhatsApp for PC.

Before installing WhatsApp PC, must be installed on the computer an Android emulator. Today there is available a variety of emulators that you can find online, but one of the most downloaded Android emulators by users is the well-known BlueStacks App Player. You can get it absolutely free by downloading it from the site You have to choose the version of Windows or Mac as your operating system pc and download it. Its installation is very easy and simple just follow the wizard. In a few minutes you will see the icon of this emulator on the desktop.

Once installed the emulator, click on the icon of BlueStacks and search the application WhatsApp PC by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Select the app and begin downloading WhatsApp for PC.

Once downloaded, you have to click on the icon "My Apps" where you will see the icon of WhatsApp PC, click on that icon and you carry out the registration of the application by entering your mobile number which you will receive the activation code by SMS. Enter this code to complete the installation of WhatsApp for PC.

Now you just need to have fun and spend long time chatting with whoever you want with WhatsApp for PC.


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