Friday, 2 October 2015

Download Viber for PC free on your computer

Viber for PC,is an application that allows us to make free call between Viber users can also make international calls for free. The new version of Viber for PC lets you make free video calls. With Viber you can send text messages and send it to your contacts or groups. Viber for PC was only available as Viber Viber for iPhone and Android. Here we will explain how to install Viber on your PC without having to have a next generation Smartphone. 

Download Viber for PC and you can make free calls, video calls and send free text messages to Viber users. You can talk to other Viber users from your own PC without having a phone of last generation.

Download Viber for PC free on your computer

What I need to install Viber for PC?

Easy, all we need in order to install Viber for PC is a PC, a microphone and a speaker, once installed, you can talk with everyone and send SMS text messages for free.

A new feature of the latest version of Viber for PC is the ability to make video calls, until now there were applications like Skype or Tango to make video calls with Viber for PC you can also make free video calls to anywhere in the world.

Let's start with downloading Viber for PC.

Viber is an app that is only officially available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbiam, to use Viber on your PC, we need Viber application for Android.

In order to install Viber application for Android, you need to have installed on the PC where Android emulator to run the application on the PC. When you install Viber Android emulator, you can make free calls and send text messages.

Download Android emulator to use Viber for PC

There are several Android emulators on the network, you can use the Google Android emulator, an emulator as YouWave or Bluestacks. Once you have installed Android emulator on your PC, you can use Viber for PC and any application that is designed for Android phone, you can use app like Whatsapp, Line, Tango and countless Android Games.

Once downloaded and installed the Android emulator, install Viber for PC. When you install Viber for PC have to enter a phone number where we send the activation code of Viber.

Once activated Viber App for PC, you can make free calls with your Viber contacts anywhere in the world.

In order to install Viber for PC you need to install on the PC Android emulator, after trying many Android emulators available on the network, we advise you to download and install the Bluestacks Android Emulator.

To take full advantage of the features of the Bluestacks Android emulator, you should have a Google Mail account. You can then access the content of Google Play and download any application.
If you are interested to download and install Viber for PC, see our guide on how to install Viber for PC without a smartphone.

If you have problems installing BlueStacks, see our installation guide BlueStacks where we explained how to fix some of the known issues that exist with the installation of the Android emulator.


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