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Best Bollywood Sports Movies Based on True Stories

Best Bollywood Sports Movies Based on True Stories :

People in our Society are of two types, One who wants to lead a Normal life and the One who makes the People Inspired by their great contributions. Bollywood gives lot of Sports Movies from the Inspirational stories of huge Personalities. In favor of sports Movie lovers am here making a List of Top most Bollywood Sports Movies for easy reference.these are the best bollywood sports movies 

1. Chak De! India (2007) [Mir Ranjan Negi] 

Chak De! India did not legally announced that this story is based on the true story of Mir Ranjan Regi, but the story seems little bit identical to the true story of Mir Ranjan Negi. Mir Ranjan Negi is an Indian Hockey Player who is blamed for match fixing with the Pakistan when India lost match in 1982 over Pakistan.He then turned as Goalkeeper Coach and trained the Candidates for the Asian Games 1998 where India Won Gold Medal. He also worked as the Assistant Coach for women,s Team where India won Gold Medal at the 2004 Hockey Asia Cup. Shahrukh Khan also faces the same incidences in this Movie. chak  de india is one good bollywood sports movie based on true stories



2. Patiala House (2011) [Monty Panesar]

It is also not Legalized that this Story is based on the True Inspirational Story of Monty Panesar, but the Story little seems identical to the Life Stroy of Monty. Akshay Kumar acted Patiala House shows how an Indian family voyaged to London and how the star of the Movie became one of the best Bowlers of Indian Cricket World. As, Monty Panesar is an Spinner and Akshay Kumar played the Role of fast Bowler, The Story seems only a little bit to the True Story of Monty.patiala house is one good hindi sports movie



3. Paan Singh Tomar (2012) [Paan Singh Tomar]

Paan Singh Tomar was an Indian Soldier and Athlete who served in the Indian Army, where his passion for Running is determined. He is well-known as a seven-time National Steeplechase Champion and he represented India at the 1958 Asian Games. However, due to many bad incidences in his Life at last he forced to turn into one of the biggest dacoits in Indian History. The Movie Paan Singh Tomar clearly visualized the True Life Story of Paan Singh Tomar that, how the situations made a great popular Athlete to an dacoit. The great actor Irrfan Khan tarred the role of Paan Singh tomar. best bollywood sports movie of 2012



4. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) [Milkha Singh]

Bhaag Milkha Singh was one of the biggest blast of the 2013, in which Farhan Akhtar starred the role of Flying Shikh of India, Milkha Singh. The visualized the struggles experienced by the Milkha Singh and regardless of his bad experiences how he managed to shine in Olympic Games. An fascinating aspect of the Movie is that Milkha Singh sold the rights of the Movie for only 1 Rupee. bhaag milkha bhaag is one of the inspiring bollywood sports movie


5. Mary Kom (2014) [Mary Kom]

Mary Kom is the first Indian Women to glom a Gold Medal at the Asian Games 2014.She is the Indian first finest Women Boxer, Five times World Amateur Boxing Champion and the Only Women in the World who grab a Medal in each one of the six world Championships. Omung Kumar who was inspired by the awards and rewards of Mary Kom directed this Movie which was a colossal hit of 2014. Priyanka Chopra starred as Mary Kom who acted in such a way as if she is the real mary Kom.


6. M.S. Dhoni : The Untold Story (2015) [M.S. Dhoni]

This Movie is still under production and the movie is based on the Real true inspirational Story of the Indian Team Cricketer M.S. Dhoni. Sushant Singh Rajput starred the role of Indian cool Captain M.S.Dhoni and Alia Bhatt played the role of Shakshi Singh Dhoni. The Movie also stars biggest stars of Bollywood Big Boss Winner, Gautam Gulati as Zaheer Khan and John Abraham as Yuvraj Singh. 


7. Azhar (2016) [Mohammad Azharuddin]

Mohammad Azharuddin has became popular for many reasons. He is regarded as one of the finest game player and at the same time he is blamed for match fixing due to this he has faced life time ban. The Movie is directed by Ekta Kapoor and Emraan hasmi stars the lead role in the Movie and the Movie is scheduled to release in 2016.



Without any exception the above listed Movies provides a full meal to the Bollywood Sports Movie lovers.


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