Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Top Ways To Earn Money Online From Blogging

Every Blogger want to Earn Money with their website or Blog but many of them Fails in their Dream and Many Pr0-Bloggers Success in making Huge Money from their Website . We have Earlier Discussed Why Making Money Is Not so easy  ? . Today we will discuss top ways to Earn Money Online from your website .

Top Ways to Earn Online From Blogging

1 . Google Adsense :
If you have a blog with Decent Traffic then Google Adsense should be your First Choice . It is the first choice of all Bloggers . Google Adsense helps several Bloggers to earn their Livelihood from Blogging . It show ads on your website related to your Content and pays every time a user click ads on your Website . Now According to Google Adsense Policies your domain should be 6  months Old. So, be sure to Read All Its Policies Before Applying for a account . You may also choose other Publisher Networks as well like Chitika, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Clicksor, etc. but I will prefer Adsense as it pays the most .
Payment Options : Direct Transfer, Check
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2 . Affiliate Marketing :
You can earn Huge Money with affiliate Marketing . There are many companies which offer Affiliate Options . If your Blog has a good Traffic then you can go with affiliate marketing this will be best option for you . It may earn you very much money . Many Companies offer Huge Money On Sales as much as 125$/sale{Hostgator} . I prefer Hostgator the Most as it pays as much  as 125$/sale . You can easily Sign Up for Hostgator and start Earning .


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