Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tips and Tricks to Spy on Android

Android is leaving behind all the competition and seems to be the technology that has the youth mesmerized. Of course, there will always be those who don’t see the charm in it and prefer their iPhones or even Blackberry’s but if you have a child or teenager at home, then chances are you would be well aware of what is happening on the tech trend front. And the Android is the star tech on the ramps.

As a parent, it’s hard to say no to your child especially when you know the desperation with which they want to get their hands on the latest tech world offerings. And denying them a chance to experience technology at its best is not something you would be keen on doing in the first place. But of course, parental reservations have their own place when it comes to kids and teens using such versatile devices. But the best way to go about this is to opt for some parental control software or Android spyware. This way whatever happens on the phone is within your knowledge and you can rest easy about your child using it to access the web and interact with their peers.

Not every parent is super tech savvy and to alleviate some of that worry, here are some tips and tricks to monitor Android mobiles that your child so intensely adores.

We are going to take an example of the Galaxy S6.

1. Get Some Android Spyware. As mentioned before in case you weren’t paying attention, the Galaxy S6 is an Android phone. That means that its OS is not the same as that of Apple or Nokia sets which have the iPhone or Windows 7 OS. There are different spyware options available for every platform as well as spyware which works on multi-OS like MobiStealth. In some cases you may not want multi-OS spyware since their efficiency level changes on each platform. For instance, one app may be great at detecting iPhone texts but may not be able to catch all the conversation on a Blackberry. To avoid this confusion simply opt for an app specifically designed for Android.

2. Assess the App for Stealth level. Nowadays there are a number of spy apps out which claim to extract great amounts of data, as though you were the owner yourself, but at a cost. Some apps end up using too much of the battery power of the app and alert the user of its presence. Other apps end up using the internet package when there is no WiFi available. This way the user becomes suspicious of the super quick receding battery life and data plan package. If a single alarm bell goes off in the users head then it will only be a matter of hours before they uncover that someone has installed spyware on their Galaxy S6 , and you can kiss all your efforts and good parenting intentions goodbye.

3. Be Smart About the Purchase. At the end of the day, whatever spyware you are choosing, it is going to be a financial investment. And we all know that money does not grow on trees. There is no point in purchasing software which offers a range of extravagant features which you will never use. After all you are attempting to keep an eye on your child’s Galaxy S6, not infiltrate a government spy’s records. If you want to know what they do online or who they send text messages to then a simple premium service will get you what you need.

There is really no need to get the features which allow the Galaxy S6 to turn into an audio bug and report to you all the audio sounds of each vicinity your child visits now is there? That’s being too paranoid, even for a parent. Know where to draw the line and stop the cash flow.


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