Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The best navigation applications for Android

The technology is changing very swiftly all across the world and people have been shifting from using the computers to the advances mobile phones. The latest and the most admired mobile phones in the market these days are the Android based cell phones. The buyers prefer to purchase the phones with the latest technology and keep themselves advanced.  A lot of people were attracted to the OS based mobile phones and these cell phones are still in high demand all across. When you look at the performance and reliability of these phones; you will certainly feel that the Android mobiles are much better than the iPhones due to the applications that are user friendly and simple to use

Mentioned below are the best navigation applications available for the Android phones:
  • Google Map Navigation – This facility is available in the android phones that have a 1.6 version or above. This is a very commonly used GPS application and has a lot of features like the satellite view and the street location.
  • Astro File Manager – This application makes you Android phone work like a computer with windows explorer. You can find your file system with the help of this application.
  • Seesmic – Seesmic application supports various accounts and Android phones with this feature can have various twitter applications. It helps you to view the latest tweets in a very professional manner.
  • Mobile maps – The android mobiles allow you to download the mobile maps and you can get the satellite navigation ability for free directly on your phone. The GPS system automatically provides the directions when you move in a new direction.
  • Places Directory -  This application helps you to locate the nearest places like the restaurants, movie theaters, ATM’s, hotels etc. This helps you to get the exact locate of the destination that you select.
  • Weather Channel – This application provides the correct and exact information about the weather condition with all the details like the rain forecast, wind speed, UV index and the humidity. This application helps you to get the hourly update on the weather situation directly on your android phone and you can also get the advanced weather prediction for the next ten days.
  • Google Voice – In order to maintain privacy you can use this application to make the outgoing calls that will display the Google voice number instead of your phone number. You can also access your text messages and voice mails on the internet using this application.
  • ATK ( Advanced Task Killer ) – This helps in managing the applications on your android and ensures that the performance of your phone doesn’t go down and the battery life is not ruined.
  • Astrid  (Androids Simple Task Recording Dashboard) – This helps you to perform the normal features of a phone and also allows you to set the deadlines for special occasions, events, meetings, etc.


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