Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Is the iPhone 5 actually better than the iPhone 4S?

Taking a look at Apple iPhone 5 what exactly is different and what are the pros and cons over the previous 4S. The holidays are upcoming and lots of smartphones will be sold, so with that in mind, what are you paying extra for in the new iPhone 5 rather than paying for the previous 4S.

The iPhone 5 overall is faster, thinner, lighter as its the newest model so lets get that out of the way. It’s a whole new re-engineered phone with the most important updates to it being the new 4 inch retina screen, A6 CPU and lightning connector. The positives of the 5 being that you’re on the latest tech and looking into the future if you decide to buy the iPhone 5 you’ll be good for the new upcoming lightning based accessories as apple phases out the 30-pin devices. An obvious negative is that your paying more for a new phone as it is one of the top smartphones and that may mean signing onto contract and or paying for a new phone.

The 4S still by all means has great technology in it and features things like siri, retina display and decent HD cameras. Comparing it to the iPhone 5 you’ll have a bit of slower performance in some areas but nothing truly noticeable, the retina display is a bit bigger on the iPhone 5 and it does actually play into the whole experience of the phone. In summary the 4S is still a great phone for certain people for example if your looking to save money on a new iPhone and don’t want the latest and greatest than the 4S will do you fine and play current apps for the most parts without any issues. Though if your looking for a phone that simply does all the 4S does just that much better but packed into a noticeably lighter and thinner form factor then the iPhone 5 is your best buy. Both run stock iOS 6 and support all the same features. In the end it simply comes down to your choice of phones and what your looking to spend.

Future proof wise the new lightning connector will be apples flagship connector for all iPods, iPhones and iPads to come along with that means new accessories so if your looking to get a phone that will last you awhile and will be built for the new and upcoming gadgets than its no contest the iPhone 5 is your best buy. By the end of the day their still both great iOS devices and everyday smartphones they’ll make calls, browse the web, access your email and so and so forth but the iPhone 5 will do again that much faster, better and smoother encompassed in a neater package. Be sure to get the best iPhone 5 Case on the market today from Ace Case.


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