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5 Best Antivirus for Mac

The need of antivirus has become fundamental for the smooth functioning of any gadget be it computer, laptops, mobile phones or Mac book. Some of the professionals opine that Mac does not catch any kind of virus. But, to the contrary, every operating system is prone to get attacked by threats like malwares, spywares and other viruses. So, there is a necessity of effective antivirus software programs for Mac.

If you are one of those who are looking for an antivirus for Mac then here are five best antivirus for Mac that you can choose from:

McAfee Antivirus for Mac:

In the list of 5 best Antivirus for Mac, McAfee is at the first position.. This antivirus provides complete protection to your system against any kind of threats; its proactive malware guard is comprehensive enough which work against malwares, identity theft, hackers, viruses and spywares. Once you install McAfee antivirus in your Mac device, you will be relieved off from the worries related to the safety of your system. Moreover, the system scanner scans away the tiniest threat so that your system is under complete protection.

Norton Antivirus:

Norton is one of the best antivirus for Mac available in the market today. It offers safety against spywares, hackers and other threats without effecting the functioning of your device. The speed of your Mac does not slow down as you run Norton on your system. In addition, it offers automatic updates that it gets from the leading Global Security Network. Your personal information such as iMovie, iPhoto and iTunes stay protected against Trojans and other malicious programs. Norton even filters your emails by scanning them before you access it.

BitDefender Antivirus:

This antivirus protects your device against internal as well as external attacks. Bitdefender has good record of ensuring optimum safety of Mac devices. Though, it is similar to other antivirus when it comes to its functioning as it shields your system against virus attacks, adware and other threats. Till date, Bitdefender has been one of the best antiviruses for Android. All the Macintosh systems stay free from malwares and virus that can attack Mac.

Sophos Antivirus:

Sophos offers complete protection for Mac from viruses. Experts designed Sophos especially for the smooth functioning of Macintosh devices. This software is under continuous development; it automatically gets updated with recent features that may help in protecting your system wholly without any difficulty. Once you install Sophos in your Mac device, it gets saved from threats even when you transfer files from system which makes me to count this Antivirus in the list of Best Antivirus for Mac.

Kaspersky Security for Mac:

This top performance antivirus has really improved with time when it comes to safety of Macintosh systems. It prevents Trojans, spyware, viruses and dangerous websites from threatening your system. Your network remains clear from malwares once you download this safety device in your Mac book. Moreover, while running, it does not pose any danger to performance of processor or memory.
All the above laid information will really help you in choosing the best antivirus for your Mac device. So, save your gadget from such outside forces that can risk your money as well as time. Fortunately, there are many antivirus that you can choose from that do not let any threat impacting the performance of Mac.
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A Guide to Buy a Perfect Ultrabook for Yourself

Laptops have always been a preferred choice for the business class, chiefly because of its portability. Packing in all the features of a PC into a small body was a major challenge for the designers of the laptops but they did a magnificent job nonetheless. However, over the years, people realized the need for something that would be lighter in terms of weight (than the laptop) and yet sport the same features. This is how ultrabook’s came into being.

Portability and mobility are two entirely different things. The laptops were portable but the new ultrabook’s offer both portability and mobility. Hence, they score big over their previous self. Below are some of the tips on how to get yourself a perfect ultrabook.

Screen size:

When you are looking for a good portable ultrabook, you would first need to ask yourself the reason behind the same. If it is for personal usage to handle the day-to-day things, then you may simply rely upon the 14 inch standard ultrabook designs. However, if you need the same for making presentations and more sophisticated things, then it’s better if you get hold of a 15.6 inch device, which is more apt for these jobs.


Weight is obviously an issue here. The only reason for you to go for a ultrabook instead of a laptop is mobility. Ultrabook’s deliver right where the laptops failed to deliver. Hence, going for a lighter ultrabook makes more sense. Set your priorities right and find out if you would have to carry the same for long hours. If so, then you should get a lighter design to suit your purpose.


When you are opting for a ultrabook, you are obviously concerned about the weight of the device. But that, by no means should make you compromise on the feature aspect. I mean what good the device would be of, if it comes without the new features. Hence, make sure that you lay hands upon an ultrabook which has all the features that you require.


Yes, these are important too. There are many budget ultrabook’s available in the market which are rather good in terms of specs but offer few ports for you to link devices. If you deal with a lot of portable devices to transfer files and other such stuff, you would obviously need something which offers you more ports.

Well, if you remember these three tips while getting yourself a ultrabook, you would know that you have bought yourself the right thing. Screen size, weight of the device and the features (specs of the device) matter the most. This is the sole reason that they have been included in this post. Imagine owning a device which is rather high on features but is bulkier and sports a small screen. Would it still hold good for you? I seriously doubt that! Hence, first try to assess the features that you would require in the device (including the size and weight). Once you are done with it, you would surely know which ultrabook to go for.
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A Guide to Choose the Best Internet Service Provider (ISP)

In the beginning, there were few internet service providers that ruled over the whole market. Now, with the advent of new technology, many internet service providers have come. Though, one finds the functioning of each internet service provider same but if you look deep into the functionalities, there lies a vast difference. The basic difference lies between the internet service providers are service plans and the type of connection these ISP offers to the people. Understanding the need, professionals have come out with a proper guide that helps you in choosing a good ISP that suits all your demands be it surfing for fun or managing your own business.

Types of Internet Connection:

Generally, there are two types of internet connection that you may come across such as broadband and High-speed. These connections offer high speed in comparison to dial-up access. Wideband is another connection type that provides connectivity exceeding 50 mbps. Whenever you shop for internet service provider, you will come through the most common connections such as DSL, Cable and Fiber. The functioning of all these three connections differs from each other. Such as:
  • DSL: It uses telephone lines to let you connect with the online world. You can carry out voice calls and data transfer concurrently.
  • Cable: This connection works on television cable lines. You can view television and use internet simultaneously.
  • Fiber: This is the most chosen connection that allows TV, Phone and internet service at a same time.

Speed of Bandwidth:

Different internet service providers offer different connection plans as per your choice. The more amounts you put in availing the plan, the more high speed you will get in return. Being a user, your main decision is to choose an apt speed for performing your activities. If people using a particular network are more in number, then it is advisable to choose a bandwidth with greater speed. If you need internet connection for watching videos or downloading files, then you require more bandwidth. But on the other hand, it does not require much speed when it comes to email browsing.

The Fine Print:

Experts always advise you to examine the fine print offered by the service provider before signing up for a particular connection. Basically, the prices that most of the service providers offer are restricted. Mostly, Internet service providers tender a service level agreement that includes performance and support terms and conditions. Such an agreement also offer compensation if your service provider fails in meeting the requirements laid under the agreement.  Apart from such policies, Terms of Service is also offered by the service provider that states how to use the service.

Installation Fees:

Basically, the internet service providers provide you with a modem, Ethernet port, Wi-Fi router and firewall protection. The service providers charge a particular amount for all these equipment and their installation. Some of the service providers offer free installation while some take in some charges; it is upon you to choose a suitable ISP as per your requirements.

Once you are clear in your mind about the services you require, this guide will definitely help you out in choosing the appropriate ISP. So, begin to crosscheck different connections and their price list and select one that matches your expectations.
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5 Safety Tips to Consider while Shopping Online

Online shopping is increasing tremendously on the internet these days everyone rely on online shopping for gadgets and mostly for books. Slowly and slowly nearly every country is acquiring online shopping method to give ease to customers to shop what they need. But the thing which we have to keep in mind is that not only online shopping sites are rising on net but also Cyber Robbers and hackers are now trying to make their full use to this method. But still you don’t need to worry at all. All you have to do is follow these little steps to have a safe and secure shopping.

Keep well maintained antivirus:

The only key to safe and secure shopping is to have a well maintained, regularly updated antivirus to prevent virus, malware and hackers to access your ID and take all the passwords and Credit card details. There are now varieties of infections being created the most common one is backdoor virus.

Be careful not to get into Phishing sites:

This is another method of tricking online users to get their complete ID details within seconds what they do is that they create a phishing site that is, they create a clone of the same website and send it to users online to trick them. The only solution to this is that always check the link to which you are logging in and make sure that their links are from official page. To be more secure you should add one Security toolbar or add on which automatically blocks the page. The best known ones are WOT (Web of trust) and Avast Secure (which is inbuilt to their antivirus).

Always consider the website from various users or reviewers before buying:

There are various websites which have a very poor reputation or are fake ones so in order to buy from a particular website you should first consider it by many blogs and friends and then move on to it. If you are using EBay then always have a look over the seller’s reputations and feedback.

Always check for keyboard cover or any other port inserted to port before accessing the PC in Cyber Cafe or on others PC:

Always have a look on the keyboard and check if there is any special keypad cover installed or any other port inserted before the keyboard’s PS2 port. There are several ways where people try to track down what all you have typed in order to get your ID and Password easily. To make sure of that always keep a look on the following and then access the particular PC.

Always check for SSL installed on website you are logging in:

Before logging in make sure that the site is installed with SSL. To check that all you need to do is look on the title of the browser where the link has been written. If in https:// the “s” alphabet is mentioned then that means the site is secure else you should never login on that page or get it confirmed from others for its security.
Just follow these simple steps and enjoy safe and secure online shopping. Also there is now very high securities been given by web browsers as well to make your shopping easier. If you have any other queries you can comment below.
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Tips to Secure Your Email Account against Unexpected Threats

Securing the email against various online threats is one thing that one needs to take care of. The threats to the email are multi dimensional these days, ranging from hacking of password to dangerous viruses. As the technology is improving day by day, so are the email hackers. New password hacking softwares are discovered everyday by unscrupulous persons. Along with them, new types of viruses and malwares are also being discovered every day. Hence, one should be extremely careful while browsing the internet about the safety of their accounts.

Closing the exposure window when the PC is not being used is very important. One should never forget to log out from their account before leaving their PC and laptops. It is even better to close the mail screen also. The speed with which the hackers can act and get access to other’s email account is unimaginable. Hence, it is better to log out from the account even while leaving the computer for just a few minutes. This is especially important while browsing in internet and cyber cafe.
Social engineering scams are always very dangerous about which one should always be very careful. These engineering scams contain spam mails which are skillfully customized to hack the details of others’ emails. Such scams have been discovered in very large numbers these days. These spam mails use the name of big branded companies to lure the people into reading their mail. During the month of June 2010, it was estimated that more than 85% of all the mails that were sent via these social engineering were spam. They also use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other popular social networking media for spreading their spams.
Returning the emails with attachments is another way of hacking or blocking the account of other person. Such attachments are usually viruses like Trojans which are very harmful to the email account. Such attachments may be in the form of PDF files or any link to malicious executive files which attack the entire system. The senders of such mails use several techniques like making the files look like as if they have been forwarded. They also use the brand names of some reputed trustworthy companies.

There are several scammers who make a combination of emails, website and data stealing. A unified security system protects the computer against all these types of threats. This combined solution has multiple layers of security to both the PC and email account. This combined security secures the system and email account against not only the existing and most common threats, but also against unexpected threats that may arise at any time in future.

Updating the security system is also very important. Changing the passwords frequently is one of the most important steps that one should never forget. Newer and newer threats arise every day. It is impossible to fight against such threats or even to detect them, hence inventing newer techniques to fight against such threats. There is a service which helps the people to update their security software, namely Security-as-a-Service. It is the best way to get the email account and in fact the entire system secured against newer threats.
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Top 5 Antivirus App for Your Android Devices

Recently we shared an article that why you should have an antivirus in your Android phone? and Now in this article we are going to share a list of best antivirus for your Android phones.

We all are much possessive about the security of our desktops and laptops and this is a reason that we make a point to choose the best antiviruses protection for our gadgets. Smartphone and android devices equally needs the similar care and protection from viruses and hackers, therefore you must ensure to have best antivirus uploaded in your handset. It protects your phone from severe damages caused by antivirus and also helps you saving your precious data from hackers. This article will focus on the top 5 antiviruses for Android devices. Now let’s have a look on the best antiviruses for your android phone.

AVG Antivirus:

In the list of antiviruses for Android Devices, AVG Antivirus is on the tops. It is not a lie that with every passing month, we are witnessing some new and sophisticated android handset. AVG antivirus for Android works incredibly with smartphones.  It has been recommended by several users and is upgraded with effective Mobile antivirus program. It comes up with many exciting features such as Anti-theft, Stresses in performance and speed, privacy features and much more.

Kasperky Mobile Security:

Kaspersky is not a new name when it comes to best antivirus protection for Android phones. Kasperky mobile security protects your phone from several threats such as Virus, adware, malware, spam and other malicious elements.

McAfee Antivirus:

McAfee is also a reputed name in the category of best antivirus. Undoubtedly this is one of the award-winning brand, and powerful to detect and wash all harmful antivirus. What makes this antivirus out of the box is that it scans your entire phone, whenever it encounters with any harmful elements. McAfee says that this mobile antivirus scans everything such as attachment, memory cards, applications, internet downloads, and text messages and removes all malicious elements.

Avast Mobile security:

It is the best antivirus one could ever choose from. It features SMS history wipe, automatic phone lock, siren alert and GPS tracking. The best part of this anti-virus program is that it works in get recovered your lost phone by tracking web portal and SMS commands. Beside it keeps flashing security status all the time, blocks everything which malicious or harmful.

Lookout Mobile Security:

You simply cannot resist to Lookout Mobile security program. It is designed with many great features such as phone-locator feature. It helps in protecting all the malicious apps, spyware and various other potential malware.  Lookout mobile security works for both android and ios devices. The other features incorporated in this mobile security is phishing and malicious website blocker, advisor, photo and call history backup, device to device data transfer, remote locking and whipping and various other supporting services.

Everybody needs the best security for their smart phone and to make your android safe and secure, you can use antivirus program listed above from the Google play store. However, it is always safer to create a suitable backup of data, before you download anything. Downloading or installing antiviruses will protect your phone from viruses, and will increase the life line of your android device. You can also keep application updated to enhance the performance of your device. If you wish to add any other Android antivirus in this list of antiviruses for Android Devices than share it with us via leaving a comment.
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Why You Should have an Antivirus in Your Android Device?

There were lots of skeptics about the future of tablet computers before these were introduced. Today nevertheless, there is no more any doubt regarding the usefulness and the popularity of these devices and how it’s created a new niche on the market. People are nevertheless using desktops as well as laptops, but there are several functions where tabs can beat those two without doubt.

Browsing is much more fun when you’re using a tablet for this. Watching videos is also better with a tab. That’s why many people prefer to possess these tablets.

Android advantages:

Although Android tablets weren’t the first ones on the market, they are relocating to claim a substantial share of this. What is the benefit of Android tablets over iPad? The main benefit of course is the truth that there isn’t a single design or manufacturer associated with Android tablets. You will find so many device makers who are using this OS and thus consumers are given so many options. Consumers can select from tablets with little screens to ones that may double as laptops when they are attached to the keyboard base. The choices are expanding with every passing month. Compare that using the main competition which could only offer upgrades from the same device.

Android Tablet and Security:

Among the major concerns with regards to using the Web is security. It doesn’t matter what sort of device is used but the main thing is that security ought to be prioritized all the time. This is true with regards to Android tablets too. The first thing to comprehend about Android tabs and security may be the thing called permissions. If you want to download an app you will be initially asked for permissions which basically say that you allow the app to create changes on your device. Keep in mind that the only method that permission could be revoked is to get rid of the app by uninstalling it.

Antivirus Apps:

You will find antivirus apps right now for Android devices that can be downloaded and installed in your Android devices. However their effectiveness continues to be an open query. Can they really work in assisting to protect harmful software from engaging in your device? The consensus is these apps do work in keeping your gadget safe. So it may be beneficial to have all of them downloaded and installed in your tablet to assist in keeping it guarded from viruses.

Treating it Just like a Laptop:

The best practice would be to treat your tablet just like a laptop. Take exactly the same precautions that you utilize when using your laptop when using the tablet.
A tablet usually has a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the net and so there are specific risks that you should be aware of when using this way of connecting to the Internet.

These are just some of the things that you could keep in mind with regards to keeping your Android tablet safe and sound. Basically, the answer to the question as to why you should have an antivirus in your android device is safety.
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Android Phones: Powering Through the Fingers like Never Before

Android phones are common reference to mobile devices and smartphones that are powered by various versions of the Android operating system. All the major brands offer Android-based mobile devices. The same manufacturer offers different models, and also upgrades the models in terms of both hardware and Android version to capture more and more markets. In order to sustain sales and profits, the brands offer high performance and innovative features. These include high resolution displays, compact size, advanced internet connectivity, multimedia support, and a range of apps to choose from both official and third-party app stores.

The Android phone makers are ensuring efficient performance in terms of ease of usage, convenience, portability, and robustness to withstand different weather conditions. All these factors have made the Android phone an indispensible part of modern mobile users for their communication, entertainment, and multimedia needs. The manufacturers are also making sure to offer interesting input options for the users including capacitive multi-touch screens and QWERTY keyboard support. The user interfaces are also friendly and intuitive to use.
Some important considerations and powerful features of Android phones are listed below:
  • Keep the phone fully charged, and before first use always register the Google account or set-up a new Google account.
  • Get full familiarity with the home screen and navigation features for efficient use. The home screen is made up of wallpaper, widgets, apps, and shortcuts. Practise navigation by tapping, and learn to customise by adding, removing, and changing widgets, shortcuts, etc.
  • Master the standard Android keyboard with QWERTY layout for faster text editing operations
  • Almost all Android phones come with standard, physical press-and-release buttons or touch-sensitive soft buttons. The universal buttons like Home, Back, Menu, etc., are self-explanatory, and have common purpose irrespective of Android model. Although some models come with trackball, it is the power to control and operate with fingers that makes these phones convenient. Swiping to scroll up and down, pressing, and holding are the main finger control operations.
  • Consumers familiar with computers would not find any difficulty in easily operating Android phones as most of the features and their operations can be performed intuitively and with great ease.
  • Communication features including making calls, transmitting text messages, and handling contact information empower these phones, and navigating to these necessary apps, modifying shortcuts, dialling numbers, receiving calls, etc., are pretty straightforward operations. The power of Android lies in managing your contacts whether it is for calling, texting, e-mailing, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Browsing the web using Android phones is made very convenient through the use of Browser app or the Browser button for quick launch. You can also use the Search button on the Home screen and type in a random website address. Android browsers not only render the full web page, but also have support for Adobe Flash websites.
  • Range of Apps for email, calendar, maps, and navigation offer the user a complete mobile experience even when he is travelling in a car. In addition, Android markets can be browsed, and selected apps can be bought or installed directly over the phone with a few finger movements.
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Facts & Health Benefits of The Kiwi Fruit

The kiwi is a popular fruit, but you might not realize the amazing nutritional benefits that just one kiwi contains. This article outlines 4 facts about the kiwi fruit that you may not have known.

Kiwi Fruit Facts:

1. Came from China
Originating in China as the Chinese gooseberry. It was developed, popularized and renamed by New Zealand growers into what we know today as the kiwi fruit.

2. A powerhouse fruit
Kiwis are a great source of vitamin C and are also rich in potassium. They are also an excellent source of fiber, boasting more than one apple contains. Vitamin C is great for the immune system and potassium helps to keep the brain functioning well and helps to reduce blood pressure.

3. Retain vitamin C well
Unlike many fruits and vegetables that lose vitamins quickly while sitting around, the kiwi actually retains vitamin C for a few months after being stored.

4. Excellent source of vitamin E
The kiwi is a low-fat fruit that also contain vitamin E, which isn’t often found together. Vitamin E is good for the heart, eyes, skin, and hair.

If you’re looking for a small fruit that packs a powerful nutritional punch, the kiwi fruit may be just what you’re looking for. You can them just as they are or in a delicious fruit salad.
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Heart Healthy Foods You Wont Mind Eating

In many cases, the word healthy and the word tasty don’t go together and this is probably the number one reason why more people don’t properly watch what they eat. However, you can find things that are both enjoyable to eat and healthy at the same time. Heart health is a major concern for people of all ages and adding some heart healthy foods to your diet is a good idea no matter what stage of life you’re currently in right now. Here are five foods that are good for your heart and that your taste buds won’t mind, either.

Heart Healthy Foods:

Oranges; yes, plain, old oranges are a heart healthy food. Perfect for breakfast or for a snack any time, oranges contain a fiber called pectin, which is a cholesterol fighter. A medium orange will typically have less than 70 calories and about three grams of fiber, so you’ll be well on your way to your daily allotment of fiber while eating this low calorie fruit. Oranges also contain the mineral potassium, proven to help control blood pressure.

Black beans are a quick addition to many meals and can be found in a lot of dishes at both counter service and sit down restaurants. Peruse the menus at Chipotle, Cozi or Chili’s among many others and you will find black beans as part of, or available for easy inclusion in, your meal. Don’t shy away because these tasty little guys pack a lot of healthy wallop including magnesium, antioxidants, fiber and folate which all help with cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well.

Blueberries are probably one of the best things you can ever eat given the list of beneficial nutrients that are all in these heart healthy berries. Along with anthocyanins that give them their color, potassium, magnesium, folate, vitamin C, ellagic acid and fiber can also be found in what some people would call a “super food.” Combine them with plain, low fat yogurt for breakfast or dessert and you add calcium and potassium as well.

Oatmeal, another great heart healthy food you can also add those great blueberries to as part of a very nutritious breakfast, will help lower the bad cholesterol, LDL. A nice, warm bowl of oatmeal will fill you up on a cool morning and keep you going for hours. Oatmeal will help keep your blood sugar level stable, which is not only heart healthy, but is good for those with diabetes as well. You can also add oats to your baking and make those blueberry muffins into blueberry oatmeal muffins and maximize the goodness.

Whether you’re someone who likes to drink or not, three drinks that can assist with your heart health are red wine, coffee and tea. The latter two will help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. A glass of red wine a day will add two antioxidants to your diet, resveratol and catechins as well as boosting the good cholesterol, HDL. Obviously, too much of anything, especially alcohol, is detrimental not helpful to your health, so always be sure to drink in moderation.

There will always be healthy items that people or doctors recommend that you’re sure to turn your nose up at; these items give you some tasty options while still providing excellent health benefits. Easily incorporated into your diet as part of a main meal or as a snack, heart healthy foods don’t all have to have the appeal of castor oil, so indulge!
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Health Benefits Of Red Bell Pepper

Red bell peppers are very versatile. You can eat them raw, alone or with a dip. You can slice them up, cook them a little, and put them on the side of almost any meal or add them to a stir fry. This article outlines 4 healthy reasons you should add red bell pepper to your diet.

Red Bell Pepper Benefits:

1. Vitamin A
Red bell peppers are a good source of vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential to eye health. It helps your eyes to adjust to light when you come inside from outdoors. Vitamin A also helps to keep the intestines, lungs, and throat healthy.

2. Vitamin C
One red pepper contains more vitamin C than an orange does. That’s a lot of vitamin C, but you don’t have to worry because vitamin C is water-soluble. That means that whatever your body doesn’t need will be released when you urinate. Vitamin C is important for keeping the immune system healthy. Vitamin C may also help to lower blood pressure. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect the body from the free radical damage that can cause cancer. Antioxidants are also important to help protect against heart disease and cataracts.

3. Phytonutrients
Phytonutrients are found in plant-based foods, which red peppers are. There are literally thousands of phytonutrients found in plant-based foods. Just a few of them include flavenoids, carotenoids, and ellagic acid. Phytonutrients may assist in helping to protect the body against diseases such as cancer.

4. Fiber
A red bell pepper contains approximately 3 grams of fiber. Fiber is important for keeping weight under control and helping to prevent disease. Snacking on a red bell pepper will not only be a sweet and healthy treat, but you’ll be getting some additional fiber throughout the day.

You really can’t go wrong with red bell peppers. They are nutritious and tasty food that your family will surely enjoy.
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Tomato as a Super Food and Its Benefits

Many enjoy using the tomato in there meals already because it is delicious and it can be used many different ways. Tomato sauce and ketchup are probably the two you use the most. This article will help you understand why tomatoes are one of the smartest foods you can add to your favorite dishes.
A look at the worlds healthiest foods, you will quickly see the tomato sits near the top. Most people think that they are a vegetable because they are usually made like other vegetables, however, it is actually a citrus fruit.

Tomato Benefits:

We should all be consuming more antioxidants because they supercharge our immune system, prevent aging and cure cancer. Lycopene easily makes the cut as one of the most important antioxidants and plays a big part in helping you to fight off heart disease. Good news, tomatoes have more of it than any other food. Some other reasons to eat this fruit include: Good source of vitamin C to help fight against diabetes and help prevent DNA damage. B vitamins 1,3 and 6. Minerals like Calcium and Iron. High in potassium which helps regulate your blood sugar. Tomatoes help keep your blood vessels flexible and your bones healthy. Notice younger, healthier looking skin because Lycopene helps produce collagen. This will also protect you from getting sunburn. Some additional benefits: Helps to relieve your stress and can even stop headaches.

Tomatoes are a super food. Very low in calories, tomatoes only have 18 calories in a 100g serving. The average medium size tomato is about 115g. Low in fat and absolutely no cholesterol, tomatoes keep your heart healthy.

Men have something extra to gain when eating tomatoes. Studies show that when eating a high Lycopene diet, the risk of getting prostate cancer drops 30%. Some studies show the risk dropping almost in half. Lycopene has also been known to battle against pancreatic, stomach, and lung cancer. It is true, most foods are healthier when you eat them uncooked, however, tomatoes evaporate a lot of water when you cook them and the Lycopene becomes more concentrated. Also, organic tomatoes have higher lycopene than those that are not grown organically.

Your convinced. Tomatoes are a great choice. But how do you pick a good one? Let your eyes choose for you. The brighter and more colorful it looks, the better it is for you. This is because the lycopene that tomatoes contain, is what gives them their red color. If you want to choose the healthiest tomatoes at the store choose only those that are firm and have no wrinkles or bruises.

With almost 8000 types of tomatoes to choose from and colors like red, yellow or green, chances are you can find one you will enjoy in your daily cuisine.
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Pomegranate: An Ancient Fruit Provides Modern Health Benefits

Pomegranate seeds are a delicious and nutritious addition to your daily diet. It is high in fiber, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Learn interesting facts about the history of this ancient fruit, its health benefits and how to take out and use the beautiful ruby-red seeds.

Pomegranate Benefits:

Today’s world is always looking for new and fun foods that serve the double purpose of satisfying the taste buds while improving one’s health.  Pomegranates have been cultivated and eaten for thousands of years so while they are not “new” in the literal sense, they are still a novelty to many people in the Western countries.  Filled with vitamins and other anti-oxidants, they may have even more health benefits than green tea or cranberry juice.  Haven’t tried one yet?  It’s never too late to get started!

People throughout the Mediterranean region of Asia, Africa and Europe have enjoyed the sweet tartness of the beautiful ruby-red seeds of the pomegranate for over 3,000 years.  The pomegranate was featured in Egyptian mythology and art representing health, fertility and rebirth.  Ancient Egyptians were buried with pomegranates in hopes of having a second life.  In the Old Testament, Moses tells the Israelite's that they are going to the land of pomegranates.  The fruit is also said to have been a favorite of the prophet Muhammad.

There are claims that pomegranates are effective against heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers, including prostate cancer.  More studies are needed before such claims can be substantiated.  However, what we do know is that the fruit is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins A, C, and E, iron and other anti-oxidants.  Pomegranates have always been an important part of the Middle Eastern diet and for good reason.

Don’t be deterred from making pomegranate seeds a part of your daily diet because you think they are too hard to extract.  Simply cut the fruit into four sections and using your fingers take out the seeds, being careful to separate them from the white membranes.  The seeds stain so use an apron or clothing you don’t care much about and work over a bowl close to the sink.  Wash off the remaining membranes as they are bitter and you don’t want to eat them.  When you are finished put them in a bowl and they will keep in your refrigerator for 2-3 days.  Sprinkle them over cereal and salads, add them to yogurt, or just eat them plain.  You will soon be addicted to using them in your daily diet and it won’t even seem like work to prepare them.

Pomegranates are in season between September and February.  The uncut fruit can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two months, or in a cool, dark place for up to a month.  They are low in calories and high in nutrition so what can you possible lose by trying them!
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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

5 Best Android Dictionary Apps

Writing this article got me caught up in a nostalgic feeling that led me to those days of childhood where I was asked to memorize over 50 words daily from the Dictionary and was expected to know their meanings. Little did I know that a time would come when world would carry one in their phones! I don’t think you got my point. True it is now to carry a dictionary in your Android phone thanks to the android based Dictionary apps.

Here is a list of top 5 Android Dictionary apps:

In the list of top 5 android dictionary apps, Free is at the first place. It is one of the most basic and free of cost dictionary based app on android that provides you with perfect and free English meanings of a words along with synonyms, antonyms and spellings. With great features like self correction, Wikipedia collaboration and even Google images this app is a hit in the world of android for word learners.

Dictionary WordWeb:

Another great app in the list of android dictionary app is Dictionary WorldWeb which consists of over 300,000 words to search from and the feature of this dictionary app being that it not only supports American English but also Asian, Canada and British English and it give meanings, examples and related words or synonyms for the same. The updated version contains audio version of this app.

Offline Dictionary App:

One of the basic drawbacks of these apps was that they worked only when in a network and when they are online. To eliminate this drawback the most efficient app working even offline is the Offline Dictionary app supporting more than 172,000 words to help you understand a word’s meaning on just a click.

Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Another free and very successful app used in America. One of the first to use voice search option, so that you don’t have to bother about spelling mistakes. What more, get to know the sentence formation related to the respected word along with its meaning, antonym and synonyms.

And last but not the least is one of the trusted application for an android device. Rated as the best dictionary application it holds great features such as audio recognition of words and helping in pronunciation in turn. It also consists a thesaurus for over 376,000 words and 305,000 antonyms and synonyms with phonetic and spelling correction.

And as a result of the daily usage of words and finding correction that has now become a habit of many of us you now know which application on your android interface to flip through in such a case. Though a bit tedious but things aren’t thought when we’re a kid and asked to memorize these piles of words from the bulky looking dictionary. So, now if you think I missed any app in this list of android dictionary apps then you can share it via leaving a comment below.
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Effective Tips to Extend Battery Life of iOS Device

Battery life is among the most important matter of concern the smartphones. We have observed terribly low battery life in iPhone 5s although some people are complaining the same about the iPhone 6 battery life. The life of the battery is determined by how you are utilizing it. Some individuals are hardcore users while some use it just for Emails, Texting and calling. There might be certain reason behind low battery life. Nevertheless, we have provided some tips that you could try to boost the battery life of the iPhone.

How to improve battery life of your iOS device?

Lets have a look on few effective tips to extend battery life of your iOS device:

Complete the Entire Power Cycle:

What is actually power cycle? This means draining out the entire battery of the iPhone until it gets turned off after which you should charge the battery fully. This will surely improve the condition of battery of  your iOS device. You must at least one complete cycle monthly.

Restore the iPhone and Set as New:

Many people think that restoring iPhone enhances the life of the battery. Yes, it does only when you “restore” as new iPhone rather than restoring from the Back-up. So, if you ever wish to restore your apple iphone, set as “New” rather than “backup from previous device”. It’s really a hectic job but it’s very useful one.

Turn off Area Services:

Location service consumes your battery quickly. Therefore turn off the location service when you’re not using it. Besides, you may change off for single app by going to “Settings > Privacy > Location”

Switch off Raise to Speak Option:

Raise to Speak option automatically switch on the “Siri” whenever your raise your apple iphone. This option uses accelerometer. Therefore by turning it you will notice some improvements in the battery life.

Notification Widgets:

Notification widgets additionally drain battery particularly when they are not really useful. For example Weather and Stocks, turning them off will even increase the iPhone’s battery life.

Push Apps:

Similar to Location Services, notifications additionally drain battery quickly. Turn them off or apply them for specific applications. Navigate to Settings to get them off.

Kill the Background Apps:

While most background apps have no effect on iPhone’s battery life, some apps — for example those that make use of the GPS for routing — can consume the entire battery when your iPhone does nothing.
An Apple genius suggested closing all the background apps once in awhile. To do this double-tap on the home key to open the multitasking bar. Then press-and-hold each app so that they begin to jiggle and the close icon come up.

Auto-Lock screen:

Another tip that makes an impact is to locking the screen after a short time. This can help conserve battery life since it turns the screen off whenever your handset is not being used. Set it to turn off after a few minutes.

Other Options:

They were some essential services. You may also switch off the following options especially when you’re not using them for example Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, decrease brightness, LTE, and Switch off the iPod Eq.
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How to Update Android Phone OS easily

Updating your Android OS with the latest Android version can help you to speed up your Android phone, to improve its performance and to enjoy numerous new apps. But the problem in upgrading your Android phone is that many manufacturers are not providing the latest version of Android OS in their old phones. If you have an Android smart phone which has the older OS versions and want to update it with the latest Android OS then here in this tutorial I’ll be going to share a tutorial to update your Android phone OS easily.

In this article you will also get a tutorial to check if there’s an update available for your Android phone or not. Now before proceeding with the tutorial to update Android phone OS, let’s have a look on few safety measures.
  • Make sure you connect your Android phone to Wi-Fi instead, of 3G/4G network. This can save extra web surfing fees.
  • The other thing you need to consider before updating your Android phone OS is to back up your device’s data. You can use My Back up pro to backup your data.
How to check Android OS updates and update Android OS?
If you haven’t received the notification of official Android OS update on your Home screen then you can check manually for the Android updates by following the tutorial given below:
  • Go the menu and then select the “settings” option.
  • Scroll down and select the “About Phone” option.
  • Now to check the OS update, press “System updates”.
  • If there is no OS update for your Android update then you’ll get a confirm action message.
  • If there is any update available for your Android phone then select “install now”. Now you need to install the new OS on your device.
  • Once installed, restart your Android phone.
You are done with the procedure of updating OS on your Android phone. If you have faced any issues while updating Android OS on your Android device then feel free to ask us via leaving a comment below.
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Effective Tips & Tricks to Speed up your Android Phone

Slow speed is a very common issue found in the Android phones. Many of you might be worried about slow speed and lesser responsiveness of your Android smart phone. More often the slowness of Android phone is because of older ROM’s but not always. Just like personal computers and other gadgets, there are many reasons that make your android phones slower. We all hate slow and less responsive gadgets. So, in this article I’ll be going to share few effective tips that will help you to speed up your Android phone.

Remove Useless Apps:

Having too many apps on your Android phones can make your android phone slower. The first thing you need to do to improve the speed of your Android phone is to remove useless apps from your Android phone. Mostly we all have many apps which we don’t use. So, there is no use to keep those apps in your smart phones. By removing the useless apps you can increase the free memory space of your device which will directly help you to speed up your Android device.

Update Android OS:

Keeping the latest and updated version of Android OS in your Android phone can help you to fix numerous bugs and other issues related to your Android device. To keep your Android phone well maintained and responsive, you should have an updated version of Android OS in your device.

Reset Factory Setting of Your Phone:

Reset Factory setting is another simple yet effective way to improve speed of your Android phone. By this you can solve the issues caused by the apps you have installed and the setting you have made. Factory reset will make your device’s system just like the new one.

Use Apps to Speed up Android Phone:

There are many apps available at Google play store which can help you to improve speed of your Android phone. The apps like Avast! Mobile Security, Start up manager, Easy cache cleaner, Apps 2 SD, Advanced task killer can save your device’s battery and can also speed up your Android phone. These apps will also improve the responsiveness of your Android phones.
Also Read: Top 5 Antivirus for Android Phones

Root your Android Phone:

Rooting might be a difficult and risky task for many users but it gives you more options to customize your Android Phone. A rooted phone gives better performance than a non-rooted Android phone. After rooting your Android device you can speed up the processor by overclocking process. You can also install custom ROMs to speed up your Android phone’s speed.
If you are a  beginner and don’t know much about rooting and installing custom ROM then I would suggest you to avoid these two.

So, these were few tips by which you can speed up an Android phone. I hope this will help you to make your Android phone more responsive and fast. If you have any suggestions with you to speed up Android phone then feel free to share your suggestions by dropping a comment below.
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Top 7 Laptops Running on the Core i7 Processor

As technology advances day by day, our expectation from our gadgets increases synchronously. There was a time when laptops were just portable computers but now the times have changed. The demand for faster, powerful and sturdy laptops is on the rise. We all will agree that the introduction of core i7 processor has made all this possible as it is the top most processor currently. But there are many laptops running on the Core i7 processors and today we are going to sort out the best 7 among them. So, let’s have a look on top 7 best core i7 laptops in india.

Dell Alienware M17X:

If you are looking for the best Core i7 running laptop in India then your search should stop at Dell Alienware M17X.  The multitasking capabilities and speeds are out of this world and d SSD speed is remarkable. It comes with inbuilt wireless HD and attention grabbing lighting. The battery backup is amazing at 5 hours straight after a full charge. It also features an HDI port. This device looks devastatingly beautiful with its design. It is priced at Rs.1, 65,000.

Asus Lamborghini VX7:

This is another amazing best core i7 powered laptop available in India. This laptop runs on the 2nd generation Core i7 processor and comes with the Windows 7 Home Premium version. The screen size is decent at 15.6 inches. It comes loaded with 16GB RAM and a 3GB-DDR% graphics card. Memory wise, the hard disk capacity is 1.5 TB and the optical drive is Blu-Ray compatible. It has an 8 cell battery. This one is priced at Rs.1, 19,025.

Toshiba Qosmio X Series X500:

Priced at Rs.1, 07,060 this is another wonderful laptop available in India and running on the 3rd generation Cori i7 processor. It features a 4 GB DDR3 RAM and a huge screen size of 18.4 inches. It features a 12 cell battery. Video and audio both are high definition.

Dell Alienware M14X:

This laptop is priced at Rs.82, 900 which is almost half than the previous Dell Alienware model discussed above. It features a WLED-display with a resolution of 1600×900. It also comes with Windows 7 OS. It flaunts a 1.5 GB GeForce GT-555M graphics card and 8 GB RAM.

Sony Vaio S Series VPCSA25GG:

This laptop comes costly at Rs.1, 29,900 and runs on a 2nd generation Core i7 processor.  It also houses an Intel HM67 Express Chipset which makes it one of the best i7 running laptops running in India. It comes with a RAM of 6GB and has a battery backup of 6 hours.

Asus G73JH:

This one can be categorised as a gaming laptop with a big display of 17.3 inches. T the resolution is remarkable with 1920×1080 pixels. It consists of two HDDs each of 320 GB. It comes bundled with 4GB of RAM and is priced at Rs.95, 444.

Sony Vaio C Series VPCCB17FG:

This Vaio is priced at Rs.66, 844and features an i7 processor and an Intel HM65 Chipset. It is accompanied by a RAM of 4 GB and a hard disk with a capacity of 640 GB. It sports an AMD Radeon HD-6630M GPU.

As can be seen in the article above, all the ten laptops featured here has outstanding features and amazing speeds. There are a few minor differences but they can indeed be classified as the 7 best laptops in India running on the core i7 processor and the Dell Alienware M17X turns out to be the best in this list of top 7 core i7 powered laptops in India.
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How to Play Android Games on your PC?

Play android games on PC with this amazingly simple trick. Android, after its official launch has taken the technology to the next level and its chemistry with Smartphone, is one of the most pioneering innovations in the technological world without a doubt. Android is actually an operating system that offers some outstanding open ended facilities to the phone. At the present time almost every leading mobile company like Samsung, Micromax, LG and HTC are using this operating system into their latest devices.

There are millions of special apps and games which are available for free download in Google Play.  As the time passes, almost every second new apps or games especially designed for the Android are added.

However it was quite disappointing for Game lovers as they could not enjoy the existing android games on their PC, but now it is just not a big deal. Android games are now accessible on the PC as well. You just need to follow certain steps to play Android Games on your PC or Laptop.
    1. Wader up the PC: The moment you are thinking of having Android game on your PC the first step that you need to do is to wader up your computer. This is will make your task very easy.
    2. Set up Flash Develop and start new projects: This is a very easy yet a very important task. Once you set up the Flash Develop and start a project on it you just need to follow certain instruction and almost half of your task is done.
    3. Install Android USB: The next step is to set up the USB driver of Android operating system. This is not a big issue to install it. Actually, the moment you are seeking to download, they will themselves ask you the type of your phone. Once you insert it you will get the download option. Turn on the Debug Mode is a must at that time.
    4. Choose the games you want on your PC: There are endless Android games, so you first need to short list the games you want to have on your PC. After the short listing is done, link your Android device with the USB slot and you will get it on your computer.
Installing emulator is must to play Android games in PC. Many emulators are available for download. One of the most downloaded emulator is Bluestacks. Download and install the apk files. Extract the rar files. Next thing you need to do is to open the apk file, and start playing your favorite Android game on your PC or Laptop.

Having the games on your PC, install and make them run properly and you will be able to enjoy the ultimate fun. Android games like Blue Stacks, Pulse, Sprinkle Free, Drag racing are really one of a kind with outstanding features and fun elements. In fact you will get to see a lot of games that are especially made for a particular group like children. Having such game in hand you will not only enjoy fun but gain some knowledge as well. So do not delay, install Android and have its exciting games on your PC.
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Top 5 Best HD Tablets to Buy

This is the century of smart looks, smarter tools and smartest technology.  Starting from iPhone, iPad to tablet all these can be considered as the career of the present generation.  It was long back when these technologies were unveiled and then it came into application and made a revolution in the technological world. At the present time you will get to see a number of such smart machinery that have own a lot of hearts and cannoning on the market. Companies like LG, Samsung everyone has employed such advanced technologies and gifted back to back revolutionary inventions to the customers. Tablets are one of those revolutionary discoveries.
When it comes to talk about the best hd tablets available in the market the list is ever continuing. Having that let us have a small discussion on the best HD tablets that are worth buying.

Google Nexus 10:

When it comes to HD tablets Google Nexus 8 any time holds the first position in the list of Top 5 Best HD Tablets. The company has featured with all the best possible facilities one can ever have. The set is attributed with a 10.1 display which is actually one of the catchiest features of Google Nexus. Apart from that it offers the highest resolution with 300 pixels per inch. It runs on Android 4.2.1 operating system and is a great performer undoubtedly.  It is true that there are certain drawbacks that Google Nexus 10 has however its outstanding performance, smart look and excellent features are not be let alone at all.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD:

This is a tablet that offers all advanced features and unexpected range of performance at a very affordable price of just 159 GBP. This is one of the most popular tablets that features HD featured screen. It offers 16 GB and 32 GB memory storage and a simplified eBook facility. It even supports wide range of games, apps and movies with great camera. In other terms, there are actually a lot of reasons to shell out your money on this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1:

Samsung has set a new era of technology by its back to back launches of smart sets and Galaxy Note 10.1 is like jewel of the crown. Samsung has embedded it with a big flat screen along with quad core processor. It is considered as a stylus. It runs with Android 4.1 operating system. This is a set to be used truly.

Google Nexus 7:

This is one of the most popular HD tablets available in the market. It is equipped with Tegra 3 quad core processor supporting 8 GB and 16 GB in-house memory and 7 inch broader screen. Recently that tablet has propelled up its features however, a significant hike in price.

Samsung Tab 2:

This is one of the most pioneering launches by Samsung. This set is light weight, sturdy and supports to right of entry huge Google Play app store. This is an affordable tablet too and so the first choice of a number of customers.

If you happen to plan to spend your money on an HD tablet, these are definitely among the best choices to invest in.
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5 iPhone Navigation Apps for Car Owners

I still remember the time when my girlfriend told me to get lost, I couldn’t resist myself to shout to her that “Apple Apps won’t allow me to do that”. She dint know about the iPhone navigation apps, so ignorant of her. Jokes apart but surely it’s quite old now to rely on Apple maps when you have an option of turn-by-turn navigation. They are also helpful when you are in your speed chatting car and need directions. So following is the list of the top 5 iPhone navigation apps for car owners:


The best part of this app making it on the top of the list is that it’s FREE! WAZE works on user reported traffic information, even about the major happenings on your way, like accidents and construction. This popular app also provides updates on gas prices and gas stations and their offers. Offering voice guided directions and re-routing in case you missed the turn. A great package in free deal.


With the rescue operation of Google, Apple was able to convert its criticized launch into a successful turn-by-turn navigation app. As the priority of consumer get refined when you get the maximum in the minimum cost, this app is for you, as its completely free. Easy to find locations, free voice guide, route choices and a massive database of locations will make every search of yours interesting.


Telenav is one of the oldest players in creating navigation apps for cells. The latest launch of the company is Scout, which is free for the basic features but can be upgraded to Scout plus in 10$. The main feature of scout is that it allows the user to download maps, resulting in accessing locations without data connections. Telenav is working to integrate phone navigation with Ford models too making it a superior power in the app world.


With just 99 cents as an up-front cost, but a voice prompt upgrade worth 9.99$ Motion X GPS offers a unique feature of sharing the current location on social networks. It has a capability to pre-load a map and to recalculate the route if it gets off track. A perfect app with a very innovative user friendly interface.

CoPilot GPS:

The initial setup is free but you will need to pay 20$ up gradation fee so as to use it as a proper navigation features. Instead of streaming the maps via web this app provides a high end solution and comes with a full database. It fetches the data from the device proving much helpful for the people crossing poor connection areas or if they have low bandwidth data subscriptions.
So the next time you’re stuck up in the middle of “getting lost situation”, take out your Apple and catch a glimpse of your location through any one of these apps and stay rest assured that there won’t be anything that will make you go round and round in circle noat knowing where you are.
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Top Ways To Earn Money Online From Blogging

Every Blogger want to Earn Money with their website or Blog but many of them Fails in their Dream and Many Pr0-Bloggers Success in making Huge Money from their Website . We have Earlier Discussed Why Making Money Is Not so easy  ? . Today we will discuss top ways to Earn Money Online from your website .

Top Ways to Earn Online From Blogging

1 . Google Adsense :
If you have a blog with Decent Traffic then Google Adsense should be your First Choice . It is the first choice of all Bloggers . Google Adsense helps several Bloggers to earn their Livelihood from Blogging . It show ads on your website related to your Content and pays every time a user click ads on your Website . Now According to Google Adsense Policies your domain should be 6  months Old. So, be sure to Read All Its Policies Before Applying for a account . You may also choose other Publisher Networks as well like Chitika, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Clicksor, etc. but I will prefer Adsense as it pays the most .
Payment Options : Direct Transfer, Check
Rating : 5 of 5

2 . Affiliate Marketing :
You can earn Huge Money with affiliate Marketing . There are many companies which offer Affiliate Options . If your Blog has a good Traffic then you can go with affiliate marketing this will be best option for you . It may earn you very much money . Many Companies offer Huge Money On Sales as much as 125$/sale{Hostgator} . I prefer Hostgator the Most as it pays as much  as 125$/sale . You can easily Sign Up for Hostgator and start Earning .
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How to get more facebook Likes

You may got out angry when you see so much likes on some pages , status , photos , videos and etc . Not only you , i also got out angry , but don’t worry here are some unbeatable and quick tips to get more facebook likes on your pages . status , photos , videos and so on .

Tips to get more Facebook Page Likes :

1 . Design your page uniquely , in other words your page design should be very good and attractive .
2 . You should post regular content on your page , if possible once a day .
3 . Choose a Good Topic that suits the most of people and useful for them .
4 . Always appreciate and thanks them for their likes .
5 . Always reply for their comment and posts .
6 . Keep them laughing by organizing online contests and giving them prizes .
7 . One of the most common thing used by companies and famous brands to increase their facebook likes is Facebook Advertising by paying some extra money to facebook . This increase your likes the most , you may also use google adwords and other advertising networks to advertise about your page .
8 . You may use twitter , google + and other social networks to make your facebook page famous all around .
9 . You may buy facebook likes from some websites like socialbuzzer , butfacebook-likes , increaselikes , buylinks and etc .

10 . You may promote your facebook on some famous websites like (only 10$ per month on the most famous website) , technology website technology adda and others that you like .

11 . You may promote your websites with videos on youtube .

Tips to get More Status Likes :

1 . Promote it on your facebook page if you have one .
2 . Tag your facebook friends .
3 . Always tag the friends most which are online at the time of posting your status .
4 . You may promote your status with twitter , google+ and other social networks by posting your post link there . 
Eg.: .

Tips to get more likes for your Photos :

1 . Promote it on your facebook page if you have one .
2 . Tag your facebook friends .
3 . Always tag the friends most which are online at the time of uploading your photo .
4 . You may promote your photos with twitter , google+ and other social networks by posting your photo link there . 
Eg.: .

Tips to get more likes for your Videos :

1 . Promote it on your facebook page if you have one .
2 . Tag your facebook friends .
3 . Always tag the friends most which are online at the time of uploading your video .
4 . You may promote your videos with twitter , google+ and other social networks by posting your video link there . 
Eg.: .
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Tips and Tricks to Spy on Android

Android is leaving behind all the competition and seems to be the technology that has the youth mesmerized. Of course, there will always be those who don’t see the charm in it and prefer their iPhones or even Blackberry’s but if you have a child or teenager at home, then chances are you would be well aware of what is happening on the tech trend front. And the Android is the star tech on the ramps.

As a parent, it’s hard to say no to your child especially when you know the desperation with which they want to get their hands on the latest tech world offerings. And denying them a chance to experience technology at its best is not something you would be keen on doing in the first place. But of course, parental reservations have their own place when it comes to kids and teens using such versatile devices. But the best way to go about this is to opt for some parental control software or Android spyware. This way whatever happens on the phone is within your knowledge and you can rest easy about your child using it to access the web and interact with their peers.

Not every parent is super tech savvy and to alleviate some of that worry, here are some tips and tricks to monitor Android mobiles that your child so intensely adores.

We are going to take an example of the Galaxy S6.

1. Get Some Android Spyware. As mentioned before in case you weren’t paying attention, the Galaxy S6 is an Android phone. That means that its OS is not the same as that of Apple or Nokia sets which have the iPhone or Windows 7 OS. There are different spyware options available for every platform as well as spyware which works on multi-OS like MobiStealth. In some cases you may not want multi-OS spyware since their efficiency level changes on each platform. For instance, one app may be great at detecting iPhone texts but may not be able to catch all the conversation on a Blackberry. To avoid this confusion simply opt for an app specifically designed for Android.

2. Assess the App for Stealth level. Nowadays there are a number of spy apps out which claim to extract great amounts of data, as though you were the owner yourself, but at a cost. Some apps end up using too much of the battery power of the app and alert the user of its presence. Other apps end up using the internet package when there is no WiFi available. This way the user becomes suspicious of the super quick receding battery life and data plan package. If a single alarm bell goes off in the users head then it will only be a matter of hours before they uncover that someone has installed spyware on their Galaxy S6 , and you can kiss all your efforts and good parenting intentions goodbye.

3. Be Smart About the Purchase. At the end of the day, whatever spyware you are choosing, it is going to be a financial investment. And we all know that money does not grow on trees. There is no point in purchasing software which offers a range of extravagant features which you will never use. After all you are attempting to keep an eye on your child’s Galaxy S6, not infiltrate a government spy’s records. If you want to know what they do online or who they send text messages to then a simple premium service will get you what you need.

There is really no need to get the features which allow the Galaxy S6 to turn into an audio bug and report to you all the audio sounds of each vicinity your child visits now is there? That’s being too paranoid, even for a parent. Know where to draw the line and stop the cash flow.
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The best navigation applications for Android

The technology is changing very swiftly all across the world and people have been shifting from using the computers to the advances mobile phones. The latest and the most admired mobile phones in the market these days are the Android based cell phones. The buyers prefer to purchase the phones with the latest technology and keep themselves advanced.  A lot of people were attracted to the OS based mobile phones and these cell phones are still in high demand all across. When you look at the performance and reliability of these phones; you will certainly feel that the Android mobiles are much better than the iPhones due to the applications that are user friendly and simple to use

Mentioned below are the best navigation applications available for the Android phones:
  • Google Map Navigation – This facility is available in the android phones that have a 1.6 version or above. This is a very commonly used GPS application and has a lot of features like the satellite view and the street location.
  • Astro File Manager – This application makes you Android phone work like a computer with windows explorer. You can find your file system with the help of this application.
  • Seesmic – Seesmic application supports various accounts and Android phones with this feature can have various twitter applications. It helps you to view the latest tweets in a very professional manner.
  • Mobile maps – The android mobiles allow you to download the mobile maps and you can get the satellite navigation ability for free directly on your phone. The GPS system automatically provides the directions when you move in a new direction.
  • Places Directory -  This application helps you to locate the nearest places like the restaurants, movie theaters, ATM’s, hotels etc. This helps you to get the exact locate of the destination that you select.
  • Weather Channel – This application provides the correct and exact information about the weather condition with all the details like the rain forecast, wind speed, UV index and the humidity. This application helps you to get the hourly update on the weather situation directly on your android phone and you can also get the advanced weather prediction for the next ten days.
  • Google Voice – In order to maintain privacy you can use this application to make the outgoing calls that will display the Google voice number instead of your phone number. You can also access your text messages and voice mails on the internet using this application.
  • ATK ( Advanced Task Killer ) – This helps in managing the applications on your android and ensures that the performance of your phone doesn’t go down and the battery life is not ruined.
  • Astrid  (Androids Simple Task Recording Dashboard) – This helps you to perform the normal features of a phone and also allows you to set the deadlines for special occasions, events, meetings, etc.
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Is the iPhone 5 actually better than the iPhone 4S?

Taking a look at Apple iPhone 5 what exactly is different and what are the pros and cons over the previous 4S. The holidays are upcoming and lots of smartphones will be sold, so with that in mind, what are you paying extra for in the new iPhone 5 rather than paying for the previous 4S.

The iPhone 5 overall is faster, thinner, lighter as its the newest model so lets get that out of the way. It’s a whole new re-engineered phone with the most important updates to it being the new 4 inch retina screen, A6 CPU and lightning connector. The positives of the 5 being that you’re on the latest tech and looking into the future if you decide to buy the iPhone 5 you’ll be good for the new upcoming lightning based accessories as apple phases out the 30-pin devices. An obvious negative is that your paying more for a new phone as it is one of the top smartphones and that may mean signing onto contract and or paying for a new phone.

The 4S still by all means has great technology in it and features things like siri, retina display and decent HD cameras. Comparing it to the iPhone 5 you’ll have a bit of slower performance in some areas but nothing truly noticeable, the retina display is a bit bigger on the iPhone 5 and it does actually play into the whole experience of the phone. In summary the 4S is still a great phone for certain people for example if your looking to save money on a new iPhone and don’t want the latest and greatest than the 4S will do you fine and play current apps for the most parts without any issues. Though if your looking for a phone that simply does all the 4S does just that much better but packed into a noticeably lighter and thinner form factor then the iPhone 5 is your best buy. Both run stock iOS 6 and support all the same features. In the end it simply comes down to your choice of phones and what your looking to spend.

Future proof wise the new lightning connector will be apples flagship connector for all iPods, iPhones and iPads to come along with that means new accessories so if your looking to get a phone that will last you awhile and will be built for the new and upcoming gadgets than its no contest the iPhone 5 is your best buy. By the end of the day their still both great iOS devices and everyday smartphones they’ll make calls, browse the web, access your email and so and so forth but the iPhone 5 will do again that much faster, better and smoother encompassed in a neater package. Be sure to get the best iPhone 5 Case on the market today from Ace Case.
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